10 Stylish Living Rooms That Meets Every Taste

While looking for living rooms of a modern home, you can find many different designs and styles that meets your taste and needs. There are few classic styles that may still go well with the modern living rooms.

People also add bubble light fixture available from SOFARY that can also add further to the beauty of any modern as well as traditional style of living rooms or any other rooms of your home.

Here we are providing 10 different style of living rooms as well as other rooms which can meet everyone’s taste.

1. Airy and bright living room

When people think about modern living room, decorating bright and airy living room will come to mind where large prints used on walls will heighten a sense of vibrancy. Remember that modern spaces will include mashup of your furniture styles.

2. Beautiful white bedroom having walnut furniture

By using beautiful wallpaper with striking modern pattern will take small living room to new stylish level. Plenty of contrasting textures will pile on your visual interest from cane coffee table to ribbed table lamps.

3. Monochromatic living room

With black and white modern living room having monochromatic geometric walls can also be a choice. Metallic accents usually are thoroughly modern where copper can add layer of luxury.

4. Modern and transitional type of living room

With a neutral and classic color scheme in your modern living room, you can create a wow factor. Your accent chairs with blue decorative pillows against soft gray furnishing may offer transitional vibe by modern designs.

5. Modern and also minimalist living room

It will make sense if you go with modern and minimalist living room particularly if you want to have spectacular view. Clean lines, simple color scheme with minimal furnishings coordinates beautifully with great outdoors and makes the space welcoming.

6. Modern art decoration living room

Everything with modern art are becoming a great rage. A contemporary art deco with elements like faceted mirror and coffee table with luxurious art decoration is great. Items like plush jewel-toned furniture.

7. Modern living room having mid-century inspired furniture

Low-profile furniture along with mid-century vibe can set the inviting tone. Classic pieces can be comfy and straightforward, and both are modern style. Having a light fixture, will put contemporary spin on quintessential chandelier.

8. Modern living room which is brimming with colors

You can include decor and furnishing in lovely colors, which may also include striking hot pink fireplace having surrounding with black lacquer design. You may keep walls white while distributing vibrant color shades all around the room.

9. Symmetrical interior design

A color palette can stick to neutral tones that is highlighted by soft and metallic accents. You can notice symmetry in your space that can establish balance with end tables, lamps, mirrors and flanking the fireplace.

10. Traditional dining room which looks modern

Formal dining room with table and chairs can set the tone. With vintage, art decoration can add sophistication. A gorgeous chandelier having classic linen shades can add pure elegance. With bold art present on the wall can add considerable amount of visual interest.

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